Low back pain gone!
I was suffering a crippling pain in my back and was told I needed surgery. I consulted the doctors at Boulevard Chiropractic and they fixed the problem. They have a genuine concern for rehabilitation. Back in the nineties I was suffering from two herniated discs and they fixed the problem there too. I’d like to thank everyone at Boulevard Chiropractic for the professional and personable service.

– Steve G.

Very warm & friendly office!
It feels great to not walk & sit in constant discomfort. In only one month Dr Rod has eliminated all my leg tingling and most of my pain in both my lower & upper back.

Big thanks to Dr Rod and the ladies at Boulevard Chiro for always welcoming me with kindness & smiles.

– Jill

Great care! I can turn my neck without ANY pain which I hadn’t been able to do for I don’t even know how long! And no uncomfortable positions to be adjusted, just lay on the drop bed and let Dr Rod do all the work! Thanks doc!

– C.O.

Allergies and headaches
After suffering from allergies since I was a kid, I learned that chiropractic care, specifically NUCCA may help. I met with Dr. Nathan Wheat and learned more about his practice and NUCCA. I learned that many things in the body can be corrected, starting at the top of the spine. My main concern was sinus headaches and allergies.

After my first adjustment, they were gone. No allergies. No sinus headaches. I have had only two sinus headaches since March of 2012. Both times, I found that I was out of alignment. After my appointment, I am able to continue on with no allergies.

The overall impact of my daily life has changed so much. I sleep better. I don’t snore. I’m able to enjoy the outdoors more, and I don’t have to carry facial tissues with me wherever I go.

The abilities and experience at Boulevard Chiropractic and of Dr. Nathan Wheat is superior to traditional chiropractic care. I continue to see the added value and benefits of NUCCA in my daily life.

– Dallas M.

12 years a pain
After suffering with back issues for over 12 years, I met Dr Wheat at a business after hours in Ames. I had heard the basics of the technique from a co-worker, but was extremely skeptical. Being in my 30’s with stage 2 degenerative disc disease in both my neck and back, bulging discs, sciatic nerve pain, etc; I had been to multiple doctors, chiropractors, pain clinics, physical therapists, etc and while I could possibly get relief for a few days to a week, nothing actually helped. Not long after our inital meeting, my back was out again. I decided enough was enough, I had nothing to lose and I made an appointment. Dr Wheat explained the process and got to work. He was very patient and answered all my questions. I felt relief during my first adjustment. After a couple additional appointments to correct years of being misaligned, I was able to touch my toes. I have felt great over the past 9 months, and have not had appointment after appointment. I have been so impressed with the level of relief that I talk about my success with NUCCA and Dr Wheat to anyone that will listen. I just recently took my teenage son in to his first adjustment. Give yourself a chance to feel good for a change! What do you have to lose?

– Amanda R.